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At Emmert & Parvin, LLP, dallas business contract attorney, we handle the day-to-day legal matters and cutting-edge legal challenges facing innovative businesses in North Texas as well as many of the leading families in our community. Our areas of practice include business law, real estate law, estate planning and probate.

Real Estate

Whether you're an investor, a property owner, property manager, business, or other, when it comes to matters of real estate, it's important  the legal risks. Emmert & Parvin will guise you through matters involving real estate to ensure a smooth transaction.

Estate Strategy

Have you considered designing an estate strategy to protect the wealth of your family and to seamlessly transfer assets to beneficiaries when the time is right? Emmert & Parvin can help guide you through the process of estate planning and probate.


Emmert& Parvin, LLP is dedicated to providing skillful and effective legal representation to the individuals and businesses of Dallas, TX. To schedule a consultation, where you can discuss your situation, call us today.

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The business law attorneys of Emmert & Parvin understand that every company has specific needs and circumstances. We can assist in everything from business formation and contracts to business mediation and intellectual property.